Monday, January 19, 2009

Nachshon Draiman: An Elder Care Social Servant

Nachshon Draiman is a life long entrepreneur who has always had the vision to capatalize on changing trends by creating solutions when non existed. This has been his formula for success when it comes to long-term care for the elderly.

For 20 yesr, Nachshon Draiman has taken over and improved countless Illinois long-term care facilities. He has reorganized and restructured the operation of these facilities to make them more functionalso that they work better for the patients. His success has made his facilities the model that others strive to match.

Nachshon Draiman explains his dedication by saying, "My work and my businesses have emerged from a dedicated approach to service, simply to be of help." He goes on to say, " I have been fortunate because I am able to follow a basic concern for the well-being of others and making it into a successful business business. It provides a very deep satisfaction."