Monday, January 19, 2009

Frank Hanna: A Business Leader Who Gives Back

Frank Hanna is a successful business man with a conscious. He generously shares business advice and is dedicated to improving education in Atlanta, Georgia.

Frank Hanna is CEO of Hanna Capital in Atlanta, a family owned and operated financial investment business. Frank often speaks publically about integrating faith in business, and the importance of ongoing philanthropy. He recently wrote a book exploring these very issues titled "What Your Money Means."

Hanna has also spent 25 years of his career improving educational opportunities for the children of his community. Frank Hanna has helped establish three new Catholic schools, and served on the boards of the prestigious Holy Spirit Prepatory School and the Solidarity School.

Frank Hanna was appointed and served as the co-chair of President George Bush's Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans where he managed the development of a special report for the President titled, "From Risk to Opportunity."