Monday, January 19, 2009

Linus Gitahi on Why Kenyans Run So Fast

Linus Gitahi enjoys following his fellow Kenyan athlelets who have long dominated distant running. The Kenyans regularly regularly win marathons all over the world with ease. This phenomenon has inspired a number of theories attempting to explain why Kenyan's are able to run so fast.

According to Linus Gitahi, some experts say it's because they tend to lean forward while running giving them the advantage of gravity; others say their advanatage comes from running up and down the steep mountains of Kenya. However, Linus Gitahi observes that although Kenyans do tend to lean forward as they run, the advantage may be in the way they lean - not from the waist, but from the ankles. This allows them to move much faster without exerting as much energy.

Linus Gitahi is the CEO of Nation Media Group in Kenya, the largest media firm in East and Central Africa.