Monday, December 22, 2008

A Prominent East African Journalist Finds Time for the Kitchen

Wangethi Mwangi is a long time Kenyan Journalist currently serving as Editorial Director of Nation Media Group, the largest media company in Kenya. Wangethi Mwangi is a strong advocate for free press and has been publically quoted saying, "The Nation Media Group has been one of the key players in the independence campaign for Kenya, and a champion of democracy for East Africa."

A little known fact about Wangethi Mwangi is his love of cooking East African cuisine. Cooking for Wangethi Mwangi is a relaxing, creative outlet. He enjoys preparing all sorts of native Kenyan dishes like Fish Stew, Githeri, Chapati and many more delicious dishes.

Kenyan Media Giant Profiled

Linus Gitahi of Nation Media Group, the largest media company in Kenya. His company covers all sorts of newsworthy stories from Kenyan politics to world class Kenyan runners. Nation Media Group publishes several African newspapers including The Daily Nation, Saturday Nation, Sunday Nation, Taifa Leo, Taifa Jumapili, The East African, Business Daily and Daily Metro.

Linus Gitahi has a passion for keeping the world informed about the progress and success of Kenya's prominent marathon runners. Linus Gitahi regularly profiles Kenyan athletes like Kip Keino, and the role of record breaking Kenyan runners in the Summer Olympics, Commonwealth Games, and All-African Games.

Global Success Stories

Mohammed Babangida is a successful, African businessman in Niger State, Nigeria. He has been involved in many different businesses over the past 15 years including oil and gas, real estate, banking and security services. Mohammed Babangida is on the board of Unity Bank PLC and he also heads the credit committee for Intercity Bank PLC.

Mohammed Babangida balances his successful business life with his personal life. He enjoys spending quality time with his wife and children. He is an avid sports lover and accomplished polo player. Mohammed Babangida is heavily involved in many philanthropic projects in his native Nigeria. He is especially dedicated to supporting public education projects.

Success in Business

If your ultimate goal is to become an entrepreneur, you'll need to be completely committed to making it happen. It helps to hear stories about ordinary people who find extraordinary success with their own business, like Jared Metz.

Jared Metz went into business for himself fresh out of college. He had just graduated from Towson University in Maryland. He moved to Hoboken, New Jersey and started a corporation that assisted others with business development. A few years later, he saw potential in the orthotics and prosthetics industry. Jared Metz entered New Jersey's Camp Institute of Applied Technology to learn all about the ins and outs of this field before striking out.

Today, Jared Metz has relocated to New York and is now in the funding business. He recognizes that even in this tough economy, small and medium businesses are still the backbone. His goal is to help U.S. businesses secure the financing they need to get their projects off the ground.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Childhood Vaccines Protect Against Deadly Disease

Childhood vaccines have been the subject of quite a bit of controversy in the past few years. Much of the controversy has surrounded the mercury contained in many disease preventing vaccines and whether or not it contributes to autism.To date there has been no conclusive evidence linking vaccines to autism.

Medical professionals like Dr. Paul Offit has vehemently remained an advocate of protecting young children from deadly, infectious diseases for 30 years. Dr. Paul Offit is the Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases and the Director of Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Dr. Paul Offit has written 130 papers published in various medical and scientific journals as well as four books discussing the importance of vaccinating children to protect them from the deadly diseases of the world.